JEM, the administrator for the CalSTRS 403bComply program has a new address:
900 S Capital of Texas Hwy, Suite 350, Austin, TX 78746

To request a 403(b) distribution, transfer, rollover, exchange or loan, click here

Vendors will not process these requests without the approval of your employer or the third party administrator (JEM) for the 403(b) plan. All 403(b) plan distributions, transfers, rollovers, exchanges and loans must be approved by JEM.

CalSTRS offers 403(b) plan administration services to public school districts and other education agencies through a contract with a third party administrator (TPA). The TPA is required to be totally independent of any 403(b) sales in the employer's plan, including through any affiliated companies.

CalSTRS selected JEM Resource Partners through a competitive proposal process to offer the 403(b) TPA services. These services are a part of the CalSTRSComply program.

A 403(b) plan is a way for employees of school districts and certain other tax-exempt organizations to save funds for retirement and other long-term financial needs. The payroll deductions can be contributed to the plan on a tax-deferred basis. This reduces current income tax and allows the money in the plan to grow untaxed until money is distributed to the participant.

The rules for administering a 403(b) plan are complex. The rules also impose significant compliance duties on the employer.